Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weight Increased?

Don't know what to do! Should I just quit my job (Before that need to find new one) or just try to keep up with it....
Ever since i work there, my weight has steadily increased instead of decreasing despite of all the tensions and pressures that i had went through!
To make it worst, my new Executive love to treat us whenever we achieved the target.... and my NEW MANAGER will treat us more than she does.
So what to do? I begin to sense that I'm sick for gradually increased my weight ( i already stop eating after 8 pm unless if I'm really20x hungry)
Ya ALLAH, if this really continues then at the age of 25, I probably won't be able to stand on my feet anymore....... sigh

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A New Crush?

Seriously, I don't know how it started. I knew this guy ever since I learn about his band and never seem to have any interest on him.... until later.

For those who knew me really well should know that my ideal man is GACKT. And I never thought that I will love another person with the same level of how I love GACKT.

His name is Park Jung Min. A member of SS501 (pronounced as Double S Five Oh One). If you watch Boys Over Flower Korean version, you should know the leader Kim Hyun Joong who plays Ji Hoo in the drama.

How did it started? Thanks to my BFF Ijat of course. Suddenly he got an interest over Koreans artist and start to listen to them. He introduced me to whoever he likes including Mr Park here. I really didn't recognize him at first and later realized that he was one of the band member. He totally look different.

Why did I like him? First, of course his single "Not Alone". It's awesome. Second, he has such a great smile along with a beautiful face. A little bit of fact here, I like beautiful man (of course in hope that they are not gay) with manly appearance and matured (not too matured perhaps).

Third, sometimes he gave me the feelings that GACKT always gave or not? hahaha. But I really like him because everytime I watch his video i will never stop laughing. He is an outgoing person with sense of humour and love to do stupid things-this is what they have in common.

OH GOD! Will I ever meet my prince? Lets pray for it and see who will be on my Top List in the end.

P/S: Sometimes, dream seems more wonderful than reality and Mr Park Jung Min, thank you for making my life more wonderful with those smile of yours. And thanks to me Ijat seems to like SS501 more. hehehe

Saranghae! Park Jung Min Fighting!