Sunday, August 29, 2010


Cenote in Mayan Civilization

cenote cancun mx

One of the most beautiful place i have ever seen (Picture of course). It is located deep within the jungles of Mexico and Guatemal, and said to have exist even when Europe was still in the dark ages. The people are said to be masters of mathematics and had even mapped the heavens. They are called Maya. They have built the cities with the utmost perfection without using any metal tools.

This is the best part. The underground world called the Cenote are water bodies. You can walk down the narrow stairs (if you dare because the original article use the word 'manage', and I don't know if it could be fatal or dangerous). The stairs led to this vertical hole (picture above). This is totally cool.

The Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Located in Cumbria and one of the impressive pre historic monument in Britain. It is said to have exist since 3200 BC. It features different shapes and sizes that form a circle. The issue here is how, when and why it is built. Even up till now, scientist all over the world still cannot reveal the mystery of this monument.

The Easter Island

It is located in one of the most isolated regions in the world which is full of giant volcanic rock statues called "MOAI". The people who live on the land is called Rapa Nui. They are mysterious as no one knows where they came from or where they had went or just vanished.